Talpa LE 110 Produced for narrow veined underground galleries, the LE 110 battery powered loaders provide a safer environment in toughest conditions. OverviewTechnical SpecificationsOperating DataTechnical DrawingOverview Suitable for narrow vein mining with a width of 1,25 m and a tramming capacity … Read More

LH 425

Talpa LH 425 Designed for underground galleries, the LH 425 loaders provide maximum value with their customer oriented designs. OverviewTechnical SpecificationsOperating DataTechnical DrawingsOverview Excellent manoeuvring and operation performance Robust steel structure Constant ground contact with oscillating rear axle Catalytic converter Optional fire suppression … Read More

LH 320

Open canopy Closed canopy Open canopyClosed canopy Talpa LH 320 Designed for underground galleries, the LH 320 loaders provide excellent value with their customer oriented designs. Technical SpecificationsOperating DataTechnical DrawingTechnical Specifications Operating capacity (kg) 21 000 Payload capacity (kg) 6 000 Length (mm) … Read More

ADT 15

Talpa ADT 15 The ADT 15 underground mining truck adds speed and efficiency to your operations in narrow galleries with its powerful build.

ADT 10

Perfect manoeuvering capabilities and operational performance Low cost/tonne mine carrying design Robust steel structure Continuous traction with oscillating front axle Catalytic converter Oil cooled, fail-safe (SAHR) brakes Kessler axles with planetary hub reduction Optional central lubrication

LH 217

Talpa LH 217 Designed for underground galleries, the LH 217 loaders provide maximum value with their customer oriented designs.

LH 112

Talpa LH 112 Produced for tight underground galleries, the LH 112 load handlers provide unparalleled breakout force , thanks to their innovative design utilising Powershift transmissions. OverviewTechnical SpecificationsOperating DataCertificatesTechnical DrawingOverview Gear shifting while under load with powershift transmission Closed Circuit … Read More

Talpa Training

Trained operators extend the life of your vehicle. Operator Training : The main purpose of this course is to provide drivers with safe driving and emergency situation training, recovery training and economical driving skills training. Technician Training : We can provide … Read More


Service The Talpa Service Center serves to ensure long-term sustainable relationships with its clients via its professional and educated technical team. We provide support 24 hours a day upon request in the machine’s location or at our service center facilities. … Read More

Spare Parts & Service

With the assurance of Talpa's Engineering's Service Center built on 20 years experience, all the procurement and replacement of your Talpa spare parts are carried out with great speed. With well trained professional staff, the Talpa Service Center operates with the intent to … Read More